By Pinkhairedlady

Gin party

Back blipped Sunday 3rd evening

Had to resort to a Berrocca in the morning as I woke feeling stuffed up - it seemed to do the trick as I felt a lot better by lunchtime.

Walked to the supermarket the long way round again in between showers to pick up a couple of bits to take to the gin party we had been invited to.

Went to my friends house in the evening - quick trip on the bus and a little walk and we were there. Had a lovely evening trying several new gins (hic) and a couple of rounds of Cards against Humanity to round off the evening. Took an Uber home - very courteous driver who was very prompt.

There was quite a high step into my friends house and sadly my legs didn’t negotiate it on the way out and I went crashing down - didn’t seem too damaged by felt it when we got home just after 2, hence the back blip.
Thank you for your continued support - I’m very behind with commenting but will try and catch up tonight.

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