By Bella888

Moody Mono Monday

So another month of searching for inspiration for the wonderful Blip challenges. 

And this time host hobbs is firing on all cylinders again with his ‘MOODY MONO’ challenge with the same tag MMN19 thru’ November. Is this moody enough for you??  Maybe if it had been a bottle of wine, rather than water!

And of course ‘MONO MONDAY’ continues, this month hosted by Merril Hope-Brown, today’s being ‘Still Life’. MM302 

Weather changing by the minute. Woke to a serene sea with gentle ripples, what a difference from Saturday. And then the sun broke through the clouds and the sea glistened. Now miserable, damp, wet and feels colder. 

A friend’s mum is dropping by for a quick chat at 1:30. Then shall probably meet Mr B for coffee. 

Still recovering from our gastronomic forays this week.  Yesterday in Southbourne, the restaurant was still packed when we arrived at 3:30, so went across the road for a drink. Our friend suggested some nibbles - and I had a small dish of locally sourced ceps that were absolutely tantalising (they had fresh sardines). Going to have to go back for those ceps - accompanied by the same orange wine (made from grapes) from Romania. And that was FOLLOWED by Sunday Lunch back across the road. 

Time to get ready. Monday and still in my dressing gown. 

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