By Bella888

Lockdown in Sunny Bournemouth

Sorry for gloating, we aren’t the only region to enjoy lovely sun today. The wind had abated, Although only 11C, it was simply beautiful.

We did the daily ‘goat walk’ - passing the fenced-off area where the cliff collapsed in 2016 (& goodbye to the East Cliff lift) - the location for my blip. The sea glistened in the brIght sun.

Midnight, and lockdown looms. Sad to see the hotels emptying. Wonder what it’s like in the centre - not been for weeks now. There are concerns young crowds may choose to live it up tonight. .

Can hear revellers setting of fireworks on the beach - had forgotten tomorrow’s the 5th. Hope they stop at bed-time.

Thanks to BobsBlips to today’s Wide Wednesday Challenge ‘Reflection/s’

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