By LeeAnne

Traffic jam...

I got dressed!  Whoop!

I felt I probably should before I went out, seemed like the decent thing to do.  

I went out of the drive and turned left and then just thought I'd see where the road went.  On impulse I turned right in Port Charlotte and drove down to Portnahaven which is really pretty - after I'd negotiated with the cows that it really was in their best interests to let me pass.

There's something hugely appealing about this sort of lifestyle... I'm not sure it would be terribly difficult for me to live in a rural spot.  The silence at night with only the sound of the sea really is quite soothing.  Although it has to be said that it was not nearly as still today and I sneaked a look at the weather app - slightly concerned about 30mph winds forecast for Saturday's return journey on the ferry...

Still... we can worry about that nearer the time.  For the moment this book will not read itself.  


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