By CleanSteve

Bomble likes this viewpoint too

I felt better today and spent time at my desk, as well as doing a bit of essential food shopping. 

When Bomble climbed up onto the windowsill I picked up my camera to record the moment. I'd been having discussions recently with a fellow blipper about settings on my little camera and thought I would try to record detail in both foreground and the landscape beyond, which is a familiar view if you've followed my blips over the years.

Bomble has been stretching out on this windowsill from the first day he arrived as a rescue cat, before I even had a digital camera of note. Like me he is getting on in age and seeing him gingerly climb up there now makes me sympathise. I think he is arthritic too. 

On another note, a friend posted a very short promotional trailer on Facebook, about a disc golf tournament planned for next summer on the Isle  of Mull. I 'liked' the film and commented that I had played disc golf on that amazing hillside overlooking the sea back at New Year in 1981/82. 

Even if you don't like frisbee you might like to see the fabulous views of Mull, in an area called Fanmore. You can watch it here. Gareth, the film-maker, has now made contact and hopes to visit me next week to talk about the old days of frisbee and the beginnings of disc golf in the UK. That will be fun!

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