By stujphoto

Tiny Tuesday - Something Old...

This is a photo of my university cuff links. These were purchased during my heady duffel-coated university days in the sixties probably as a present by my Mum & Dad. Though they are well over fifty years old and show clear signs of wear, I suspect I have only actually worn them maybe a dozen times during my life.  I was never into formal shirt wear except for high days and celebrations so most of their wear must have come from rubbing up against other cuff links in the little box where I kept them. They bear the University of London insignia which means they are any thing but rare as when you add all the  London colleges together (I went to University College) they used to churn out about 9000 graduates a year. I remember much to my parents' chagrin that I spent most of my graduation ceremony in the Albert Hall reading a book apart from the 30 seconds it took to scoot across the stage and collect my graduation certificate. The London University graduation ceremonies were split into three sessions of 3000 graduates each so it felt very much like we were coming off the end of a sausage machine. I'd already learnt how boring they were as I had attended the graduation ceremony of my girlfriend the year before - hence the book.

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