By sebrose

River Cottage

My workshop goes well, but it’s not well attended. The material is tried and tested, assembled into a new configuration, and fits exactly into the allotted time. I’m happy - but glad I’m not dependent on workshops like this for my wages.

The speaker dinner is at River Cottage. There’s no sign of Hugh F-W - and not many speakers come either. There are only nine of is around the table, and two of our number are Alison and Sarah from the organisers, Software Acumen.

The food is good. Conversation is lively. High on the agenda is the illness of tomorrow’s opening keynote. Liz K is excited to be asked to fill in - but then has to immediately leave the dinner to go and rearrange her session.

John, Alison, Sarah and I share a taxi back to the Radisson. I’ve a short walk back to my place - John has a bit further to go. And another day is done.

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