Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Autumn on the Dart

The forecast suggested that the rain would soon come in so I girded my loins (if we're still allowed to do that) and headed towards the moor. Not the open moor today but to the Dart river. that gives the moor its name, as it passes below Holne Bridge. There were lots of people unloading kayaks at a popular launching point that I passed and you can see from my blip that the river must be providing exciting sport today. There's no actual path on this part but once parked in a small lay by, it's just a matter of clambering over a fence and you're on the river bank.

It's Wideangle Wednesday (hosted by BobsBlips) and the theme this week is 'Man Made'. Perhaps it should be person made but I'm not getting into that! As a landscape photographer I'm usually keen to get away from man made stuff but if it's old and blends in that's OK.

Holne Bridge has been there quite a while. It's looked like this since it was rebuilt in 1413 and it's grade 2 listed. That doesn't prevent trucks from doing their best to destroy it every so often, of course.

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