By PicturePoems

Doodle bug

Today was too bright too early. I photographed my orchid with sun shining through its petals, but too soon the sky turned grey and it has been raining on and off. Currently on - and quite heavily!

Came across this doodle of a wasp on a bit of scrap paper and decided to digitally enhance it and paste it on to my (cropped) orchid photo. After yesterday's gardening, a bit of indoor playtime!

We did go out briefly today to a local restaurant where, throughout November, they're offering two carvery lunches for the price of one. Funny to be eating roast beef, Yorkshire pudding and roast potatoes on a Wednesday, but it was delicious and warmed us up.

And now I can throw away my scrap paper and its defunct notes and doodle: so a bit of clutter clearing done, too! (I'm late blipping, but at least I have blipped; yesterday I ran out of time so backblipped my Tiny Tuesday blip this morning.)

Might try some more combos of photo and doodles. Need something new to kickstart my blip mojo in this horrible weather!

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