By babyseddon2


So much for Thomas being better... He was not well again overnight and I kept waking up when he did.. between the 2 of us we kept both mummy and daddy awake for a lot of the night!
Daddy wasn't in work today because he still has toothache after his dentist trip yesterday, so he was able to stay at home with Thomas whilst me and mummy went to puddleducks. I was a bit lazy today, mummy thinks maybe because I didn't sleep well overnight and I didn't have a power nap this morning. I did do some underwater swims very well, but I didn't do much kicking or splashing.
We all had a lazy afternoon and Thomas seemed to get much better again, so mummy and daddy decided he could go to watch his first football match tonight. He was very excited!
Mummy gave me a bath before bed and I did a lot of splashing to make up for lack of effort at puddleducks and completely soaked mummy and the entire bathroom!

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