By Wildwood

Matt’s Here!

And Ozzie’s doing his best to convince Matt that he is starving.

Matt’s not buying it.

Jim and Dana are coming for dinner tonight and tomorrow we will head up to Windsor to Russian River Brewing for a case of Pliny. It used to be that one was limited to two bottles of Pliny but now that they have opened a new, much larger operation in Windsor, more generous amounts are available....but not in Los Angeles. It’s still a rare treat down there.

Not being a beer drinker I don’t get it, but it will be interesting to see how Windsor is faring after being given a reprieve from the fire that licked at its edges. The firefighters credited the orderly evacuation of half of Sonoma County for their ability to fight the fire effectively heroically.

The picture of the firefighters standing by their trucks welcoming people back to town was quite moving.

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