Panda's Pics

By pandammonium


As you know, I have mad gardening skillz, which involves cutting or sawing off everything I can cut or saw off.

Our Parkrun organisers announced a slight change in the route to avoid the muddy drove. However, the new route was blocked by a fallen branch, so they made a call for people to help remove it. I said I had a saw, secateurs and an axe. They were slightly worried by this – I think it was the axe that did it – but welcomed me anyway. Between four or five of us, it was gone in minutes.

The photo shows after; the extra shows before.

I got an unexpected bonus of being credited as a volunteer, which means I only need to volunteer 20 more times till I can claim the t-shirt – which is the same number of times I need to run Parkrun till I can claim the first running milestone t-shirt. Coincidence?

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