Fabulous Tree

I managed to have a very restful morning and did my usual chores in between watching a few episodes of a series I started last Sunday. After lunch I had itchy feet and as it was a lovely cool day I decided to head out for a bit of ‘me time’ ;o)

Had to first drop off J’s wallet which he left behind yesterday and I had a cup of tea and a delicious just baked brownie with them all as they love to entertain me with what they’ve been up to! :o)

Then off down to the riverside in a different area to where I normally go. Lots of people and dogs and noise so I didnt stay long. This tree always stands out to me and I took a good few shots of it as the light was amazing for a few minutes. In extras are a group of black swan cygnets all in a row as they tried to catch up with their parents, the one on the right was a real goofy one who couldnt keep up and kept gawking around everywhere, very sweet. :o). And lastly some gorgeous roses that caught my eye which I think were David Austins, not exactly sure!

All in all a good afternoon and now I’m home after taking Toto out for a quick trip to ‘his’ part of the river! :o) We’re having Thai takeaway and an early night in preparation for another week at work ugh, where did the weekend go!!! ;o)

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