By Jamjar

Here Mick decides what he and I are going to do next, while Dave climbs and Caroline smiles for the camera phone.

We were going to go to somewhere near Shrewsbury, but then Mick announced that he had to be home in time to go to a social gathering with his wife... so we opted for Harborough Rocks. 

The weather was (as forecast) glorious and we all gradually de-layered until early afternoon, when clouds covered the sun and the temperature dropped.

Two routes in and I'm out of breath and feeling tired, seven routes done and my hands were pretty useless - I hope I'll be okay for tomorrow at The Climbing Station with Mary. I think I'm finding the house hunting pretty tiring, both mentally and physically somehow, and it was great to be able to forget about it all completely today - mindfulness at it's most enjoyable!

We called for a drink at The Knockerdown pub near Carsington Water on the way back to Willington, our car share meeting place.

When I got back home I had a visit from my son to borrow his grandad's TV as his had expired. I'd had the TV as no one else had wanted it. While John was at mine I re-sewed the buttons on his coat, they were almost hanging off!

It's 8.45pm, I'm going to watch an episode of Dublin Murders and then go to bed, as I'll need all the rest I can get before tomorrow. 

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