BoHingles Blips

By BoHingles

A much better.... than yesterday.

After yesterdays persistent rain it was nice to wake up to some blue sky.

I went to my mom and dads with Orla and left the baby with Grandma for some bonding whilst my pa and I went out for a good walk.

The air was fresh and it was good on the lungs, it was rather muddy and we were glad we opted for feet instead of mountain bikes.

In this shot you can see the Wrekin in the distance, just to the left of that just out of shot are the Clee hills which had a dusting of snow on them.

This spot, where the photograph is taken is where my Dad scattered my Grandads ashes. He loved rambling and to the east you see the urban Black country and to the west the green lands of Shropshire and on a good day Wales.

A relaxing afternoon followed by bangers, mash and veg.

Weekends go too blinking quick.

Mr Bo Hingles

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