By Veronica


I was looking for an opportunity for another view of the Blip-friendly Helios hotel, and the Mono Monday theme of "profile", set by MerrillHope, seemed to be it! Here's the view from the back of the building. Context in extras, with today's atypical cloudy grey sky. Usually the sun is too bright and in-your-face to blip it from this side.

Quiet and lazy couple of days, although I did go round to B and C's for brunch while S was out walking yesterday. B inflicted a quiz he'd devised for his golf club on us (four Americans plus me). I was in a team of one, so I felt I didn't do too shabbily in coming second (out of three). It was all good fun anyway. 

After S got back we went to a local Scandinavian restaurant for a traditional Norwegian St Martin's day duck dinner, in a sweet sauce with red cabbage and potatoes ... half a duck each! Luckily they were small.

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