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Great Tit

It was not a good day for outside work, so I decided it was time that I sorted out some photographs.

A while ago I ordered two “Photo Sticks”, they are supposed to find all your photographs, ignore duplicates and back up every photograph on your computer. When I ordered them I did not realise that they were coming from America and that there would be almost £35 in custom's duty to be paid! I had purchased two of the largest size they made, the second one was half price; the customs duty wiped that out. I was reluctant to pay the duty as I was unsure whether they would work, but paid anyway and decided today to find out. 

I plugged in the first one and eventually found the “Go” button. Finally, it found 55,180 photographs on my oldest Mac. Far too many for one stick so I am pleased that I had purchased two sticks. I also have photographs on my new Mac, my iPhone and my iPad! Almost all of my photographs are backed-up up on Flickr, but they had become unassessable on that particular computer; I do not know why, but it is a very old machine. Now several hours later it has managed to download twenty-two percent of them. Once I have all my pictures on the sticks I will back these up to Flickr too. I think I will be here a while! 

I decided that they are quite a good piece of equipment and looked on Amazon to see if they had any that might be cheaper and they would not have custom's duty. They have several, some bigger than the ones I purchased, but even with custom's duty these were still cheaper and obviously they work. 

Today's picture is a Great Tit feeding on one of the feeders.

The temperature at GMT noon today six degrees Celsius, cold, wet and windy.

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