By tondrijfhamer

Dutch scenery again

After a good night sleep I woke up earlier than I'd expected.
I was in the shower at 08.30 already.

Later in the morning Annemarie and I had a coffee at Joke and Peter's place. Of course they wanted to hear all about my adventures of the past week.
In the afternoon I unpacked my bags, reorganized my photobags as well and started to import all my images into my Lightroom database.
This runs on m,y brand new 8 TB harddisk, so no problem storing and duplicating them.

As if I hadn't been photographing enough, Peter and I went out for a sunset shoot. We planned a location near Stedum, but once there, it wasn't what we expected, so we drove on a bit and ended up in Middelstum. I really couldn't find a nice composition. I had to rush to capture todays blip, seconds before the sun would sink below the trees, bushes and horizon.
Blip sorted.

In the evening I had a nice chat with Herman on the phone. Of course, he also want to hear all about the past week. It was nice talking to you Herman! Let's have a whole photography day soon again, maybe when winter kicks in. (Hey, Ron, are you reading this too?)

Tomorrow it's back to work again.
I hope to be able to pick up that rhythm again. I guess I will.
Before work we have an appointment in the hospital for Bas' hand. He's having an operation soon, and tomorrow he has to see the anesthesiologist at 08.00 am. We'll be early birding to Groningen.

We all went to bed early.
Around 21.00 all was quiet and dark in house Drijfhamer.

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