Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Fly Agaric

I hope I've got my identification correct, but I'm sure more knowledgable blippers will help me out if I'm wrong.  The only other possibility I had was a Fly Agaric, which I discounted because of the lack of white spots.

Thank you to AJC and Kendallishere for their thoughts. I originally titled this Beechwood Sickener.

The forecast of good weather had me out early, walking across the Chase from the Commonwealth War Cemetery.  At this time of year choosing a route has to be considered carefully, or you can end up walking in the shade of the slades (defn: an open space between banks or woods; a valley) on the Chase.  In the end the walk ended up at about 10 miles and the colours were every bit as good as I can ever remember.  It seems peak colour for the beech trees, now that the silver birch have lost most of their leaves.  The larch trees are turning an almost acidic yellow in the plantations found across the area.

I tried out a few PV's (see extras), along with some detail that caught my interest as I headed north, before looping back along Sherbrook Valley.  After that I rewarded myself by having lunch at the cafe/bistro at Cannock Chase Trekking Centre, having a lovely chat with the owner about her plans for the future.

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