Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

The Solid Trunk

A lovely morning walk across Pelsall North Common, it was a predominantly clear sky and quite breezy, but still very mild despite the conditions.

I couldn't really get excited about the landscapes on offer, but was taken by the movement in these leaves on the silver birch.  I'll be honest, it was only afterwards that I fully appreciated the contrast between the trunk of the tree and the leaves and branches that surrounded it.  I should have got closer, but as often happens, I really only appreciated the opportunities for an image on retuning home and viewing the raw image on the computer screen.

Afterwards we headed to Go Outdoors, who had contacted me to confirm a credit note for some boots I bought last year.  Despite looking after them they were leaking like a sieve and had been sent back to the manufacturer for review.  Apparently the Goretex lining had failed (something that seems quite common in my experience).

We finished off with a walk in Sutton park, which is resplendent in its autumn colours.  Pity the sun decided to hide behind the clouds for most of the walk.  I did try a couple of Pep Ventosa style images and I've added them to the extras.

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