Bad Hand

Continued from yesterday ....

That’s the name of our excellent local coffee roaster. So first title that that came to mind.

‘Doyley’ suggested a return to bright blips. But sorry, not ready yet. Gruesome is best.

As I was cleaning the kitchen cupboards yesterday, I found this bottle in a dark corner. A couple previously owned our flat. He outlived his wife. He, or a predecessor, has been harbouring a dark secret.

Does this go in theRecycling bin or General Waste. I always get confused.

Thanks to hobbs (Moody Mono) and skeena (Film Noir) for their monthly challenge

We are off for lunch in the Forest as it’s Mr B’s birthday. Nice venue (‘Crispin’ recommended - thanks), but only plan a light lunch and glass of wine. He doesn’t know where we’re going. Need to get ready to wash hair and want to set off soon. So much for the local weather forecast, the yellow warning has been lifted for down here. Beautiful blue skies, sunny, come sea. I had thought we might have to stay at home. (Hope further North isn’t going to be as bad as they’re saying today).

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