Coarse and banded tuffs

Shepshed lies on the northern flank of Charnwood Forest. There are areas of woodland but the main feature is the Precambrian rocks that poke through the younger cover.

When they were deposited, the area was part of an island arc environment. Both the volcanics and the igneous intrusions are silicic in character, the intrusions inclining to be syenite rather than granite.

Because of the nature of the island arc, the rocks were erupted as ash and particles rather than as lava. The rocks in this wall are evidence of that, The gritty rocks are coarse grained tuffs thrown out by the volcanoes and the finely banded rocks were probably ash that settled a little while after, forming sediments in shallow water on the slopes. Or even deeper water.

There's also a coarse grained igneous rock in there as well.

I took this with the phone on the way to the Post Office.

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