Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Sunset trees

This is a view I blipped a few weeks ago when the green field beyond the trees was in bright sunlight which rendered the outlines of the trees, still in leaf, slightly hazy. Today the sun set behind Arran shortly after we set out, and we walked for the rest of the time under the fading radiance of the sunset sky. The trees have all lost their leaves, the colours that were so magical just the other week have gone. Only the copper beeches and the red berries on a black tree remain.

Another glorious day when we should've been out in the morning, but the larder was bare and I'm off to the city in the morning. The supermarket visit took far longer than it should because of Meeting People - capitals because it took so much time! - including a former colleague. As I remarked at the time, it reminded me of these days in school when you had a non-contact period (never call them "free periods"!) in which you were sure you were going to manage a whole pile of correction until some colleague stuck their head round the door with a tale of woe or mirth ... and you were doomed.

I, however, was not doomed other than to walk under this fabulous sky with a favourite view to admire as I walked. I'm adding a couple of extras: the view of the Arran hills beyond Bute, and the wonderful colour of a leaf.

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