By Missycat

AbstractThursday229 Warmth

There was no warmth in the air today (although it was far from  freezing) so the only warmth I could find was in the bright rich colours of Autumnal leaves, having their last fling in our garden.  My abstract today consists of a couple of layered shots of our Rowan tree leaves and then given  a polarization filter treatment in PS Elements.  I've flipped the image to give (I hope!) a vaguely flame like appearance.
In other news:  The Cold seems to be on the way out, thank goodness, hoping to resume normal duties over the next day or so.
This afternoon I took Mr MC to another of his regular check appointments for his eye condition (a partial macular tear).  The condition can result in blindness if it deteriorates, which would make dentistry rather difficult...  So far so good though and the check ups mean that he could have surgery if needed to preserve the sight that is there.  Today there was no negative change thank goodness. We celebrated with a very hot chilli prawn pasta supper tonight, cooked by yours truly.
Many thanks to Ingeborg for her continued hosting.  Currently she is on holiday in Bali and I freely admit that I am very envious!

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