By MerrilHope

Autumn Leaves

The inevitable 'Autumn Leaves' shot as now, mid November, this beautiful season is in full swing. The campus is covered and the gardeners' day consists of sweep-blow-collect, repeat and the mountain of leaves that is my blip today represents considerable labour.

Midterms started today so with no class to teach it was a relatively easy day for me.  Weather cooling off, and by the time Graham and I left Midpoint restaurant after dinner, it was raining. 

Mono Monday 11th November results: Thank you to everyone who participated this week with the theme of 'profile', so many splendid and imaginative interpretations of the theme entertained me for ages.  In no particular order, my five happy hearts go to Flossie, Kersko, Sheol, Freyjad, and ravensroost, - as always, five hearts just isn't enough.

The theme for next Monday, 18th November, is 'Rest, Work and Play' and the tag is mm304.  Please join in the fun, interpreting, misinterpreting, (or even ignoring!) the theme in any way you wish.

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