My topsy-turvy life

By Rathmandu


After yesterday's antics in A&E and waking up feeling like I'd been kicked in the face I took the day off work and booked an urgent GP appointment for this morning. The GP did pretty much the same things as the Urgent Care doctor last night and decided that it was muscular and to just carry on taking painkillers, get bloods done, and come back if it hasn't improved in 24—48 hours.
Basically she didn't know.

So I spent the day on the sofa watching 3 very different films (Hateful Eight, On Chesil Beach, Robot Jox) with painkillers and copious amounts of coffee.

Later on, to give Louisa a bit of a break, I took the boys to Aaron's martial arts/defence lesson. Owen was fascinated by the work out but couldn't work out why he wasn't allowed to join in with Aaron's star jumps.

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