By HeidiHH


Back to boring landscapes

It's really cold here even if it's sunny. It's about 13°C and cold harsh wind blowing. Nearly all the mountains around Spain have snow. Lots of roads closed due to snow. Even in Mallorca and Ibiza!

We are in the best area possible. Have the best weather of the whole country and I'm freezing! Well, the houses around here are not made for the clod weather, so they get freezing cold so fast. Even with the heating the floors are ice cold and one needs lots of insulation between feet and floor. And hot tea!

There are some chores I'd need to do in the garden, but it's just too cold to do them. I can't do the chores with gloves on, so they'll wait.

If I'm right Crown's 3rd season comes to Netflix tomorrow. I've been waiting for this over a year! It better be good. Just kidding. I'm sure it's brilliant. I like Olivia Colman and am looking forward to see her do the Queen.

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