By HeidiHH

15112019 - Madrid day 1

So today I managed to get through the 250 pictures I had of day 1 and now I only have 112 left.

No way to choose what to show you of day one. We saw so much. All colorful and vibrant and gorgeous. Nothing bad or ugly, dirty or trashy.

Our morning started at the Alicante railway station at 8:30 am where we boarded on the bullet train and headed out to Madrid. We were there on time at 11. The rain had stopped. there were still few clouds traveling the sky, but it was sunny.

We walked everywhere! The center is so compact and everything is in the walking distance. What made it harder of course was to carry our overnight bags. with us.

From the beautiful Atocha railway station we walked to Mercado de San Miguel. Walked around that beautiful market place originally built in 1916 (picture up left).

Then we walked to the Opera house (Teatro Real) and had lunch in the area.

Then we headed to Plaza de Oriente in front of the Palacio Real (Royal Palace). That's where we sat on the Friends couch next to one of the Meninas.

Then we walked to the Museum of the Almudena Cathedral next to the Palacio Real. There was a sightseeing platform on the roof of the church overlooking the city and the palace (middle row right). Photographing was not allowed inside of the museum. Only outside and in the actual church area.

Then we headed out to our hotel area. Which was clearly some kind of artistic part of the city. The streets were filled with urban gardening, art work, paintings, installation and theaters. It was fantastic area to stay (row below second from left).

We popped into a bar to have coffee and cakes while we waited for clock to strike 4 pm so we could get our key to the suite we had. Which was huge and gorgeous btw. It was like a piece of art installation it self. All beautiful decor with wonderful details in tranquil color harmony. Wow!

After we got rod of some luggage we headed out again. This time we walked to the Temple of Debod (A second-century Egyptian temple donated to Spain during the construction of the great Aswan Dam). A genuine Eqyptian temple in the middle of Madrid. It was build 200 BC (Upper row right)! David said it's his favorite place in Madrid and it was beautiful. We were there at sunset like we were advised to do. The queue inside was so long that we just walked around.

Then back to the hotel for some lifting legs up and then walk to opposite direction to see La Gran Vía in neonlights. And some shopping for my mother-in-law. 4 pictures of Gran Vía and I'm pretty sure you can spot them out. Also met few of the Meninas there.

I have started to post Madrid pictures to Instagram. And continuing as well... If you wanna see more just go:

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