We woke up at 6 am as the thunder hit the power off from the house. Luckily nothing broke and just the fuses needed to be put back up.

We got 25mm of water in about 2 hours. One 10 minutes produced 5mm of water, but otherwise it was just normal heavy rain with thunder.

In some areas they got 352mm of water in 14 hours. They are flooding.

The sun was partially shining from noon. This picture I took when we got back from the grocery store. I like it. Very bland and grey. But I like the lines and the feel of it.

After the rain I worked on the garden for a while. After lunch we visited bank and then went to get offers for insurances. Then late late lunch at fil's place and then off to say goodbye to Frank and Lis who will return to Denmark very early tomorrow morning.

It's been quite long day and also very effective and eventful. I thing it's time to hit the bed and close eyes.

¡Duerma bien!

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