And there's the joy it brings.....

He's flying with out wings. 

Our Local Rugby club is doing good.   

It's doing so good these days, that they have  built a quarter fence so that you can't watch them playing by accident  as you walk into the woods, or to the allotment. 

On an other half - they have planted bushes.  I'm thinking they are hoping it is going to be so big, you won't even notice there is a rubgy pitch behind it. 

On the fourth quarter,  they haven't done anything, because on that section there is a little country lane, backing onto some lovely cottages, and believe you me - if someone stood there to watch the rugby the owners of the lovely houses would be out in a flash. 

But today-  their latest acquirement. 

A new commentary box. 


I nearly crashed the car listening to him shouting with his megaphone. 

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