I need a little space just on my own

I walked this morning.

I was so horrified at myself yesterday being exhausted just walking round shops; I figured I would do something about it.

I told himself I was walking round the block - 1000 steps; but I figured once I started I should make a better effort.

So to the beach I headed ... wind blowing my hair so wild I couldn’t see; at least it wasn’t raining.

When I got there; this is where I sat. This bench is in memory of my neighbour’s dad; and I know she has a wee seat on it every time she passes. It’s a beautiful bench, and has a lovely view.

Such a lovely view I sat and gazed at the sea and decided to walk into the sand and wandered across the shells with them cracking under my feet.

Then it was up the hill to get back home ... crossing the road was exercise in itself -and then a climb.

The climb itself was worth it; the sun was just coming up over the hill and the golf course was looking spectacular.

And then the final surprise. Did I blip the new neighbours giraffes before? If not I will... new neighbour at the end of the road; new fence, new rough cast, dug up the trees, gravelled the garden...

And then filled it with ‘Things’. The two
Giraffes being the most impressive.

They went away for the winter and came
Back out in March. They had disappeared last week and I thought.. winter. But no they were back this morning with a new lick of paint -gold. Sitting next to the silverback gorilla they look quite amazing


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