Tell Me Now, how Do I feel......

When we were little, and we had had a shopping trip to Glasgow, or Kilmarnock, on the way back down the road, as a special treat, my dad would shout, "Shall we go over the hill?" and we'd shout "Yes, Yes". 

The view was worth the windy country roads - the whole of South Ayrshire before you and up as far as The Cumbraes, and on a good day Jura. 

As we approached Dundonald, my dad would shout "lock the door, windows up". 

That's how it was....  a persistent rivalry which exists even today. 

I once went on a date with a lad from Dundonald.  It was a never to be repeated event.  This was a Bad Boy; and to be honest, I think that was part of the attraction. 

Weirdly, he met me off the bus, and took me for a cup of tea and a cake with his mum.   I was stunned, and pleasantly surprised. 

Suffice to say that the evening did not keep up to the high standards. 

He took me to the "Top Shop" and the "Bottom Shop" - Both of the pubs in the town.  Fed me Super Lager, and any other alcohol he could get down my throat. 

Thankfully, his sister spotted trouble as it was occuring, and rescued me from the bathroom where I was throwing my load up and popped me in a taxi. 


Oooh Those were the days. 

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