Hip Hip a Hippy to the HIp Hop

With the onslaught of cooking programmes and baking programmes, Si and I have been extending our range. 

The Great British Bake off Inspires me.... I've made Brioche Buns, Lemon Drizzle, Marizpan Cake, and Cheese and Bacons Scones (albeit without the cheese)... Nigella has also been inspiring me.... but that is food, food and so I nudge Si heavily and he comes up with the goods. 

This is Fish Finger Bhorta.    - A fried vegetable mash.... - with crunchy fish fingers.   Ginger, Garlic, corriander, Mustard, Chillis, Onions, and red onions in lime on top. 

This was like nothing I have ever tasted before.  I wouldn't say it was delish, it was definitely a very different taste - and the chilli gave it a kick which cleared my sinus and made my eyes water. 

On Monday we had curry from scratch... chickpeas, cauliflower, garlic, Turmeric, ginger and a handful of other things.   We did not use the banana skins she suggested which added a sensation of "klingon food". 

I'm starting to wonder if Nigella is having us on this time round? 

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