I remember when I lost my mind....

I drove to the South Beach this morning, and walked the Prom and then round the town.  

All the shops were open at 8 am and I had a wee browse as I did a circuit of the town. 

I did pass the Crazy Golf and I thought I should share it with you. 

This crazy golf has been here since, perhaps.. 197.....2/ 3   Oooh I can't remember.  

It was pretty awful then too- but they've since removed some more of the "obstacles". 

Can you actually see any obstacles? 

There used to be a "Barassie Works",  which was a big red box with zig zag roof - it was an industrial rail works.      I think they took that box away when the actual Barassie Works was demolished. 

There used to be an Ailsa Shipyard , which was a big Grey Box, with "AILSA" written on the side.   But it was taken away when the Ailsa Shipyard was closed down and demolished. 

There used to be a Marr College, which was a big grey box with a Green Dome on top.  It's just disappeared,  I know not where... but the original Marr College is still there. 

The blue vision in front of you is "high tide" ; there's an Arran Ferry. there are two half bike tyres.  I have no idea what they represent.  There is a "Railway Bridge"... Hmmm.   The big white lump is "Troon Round Table".  Because they sponsored the course. 

There is so much potential to have a really exciting Crazy Golf here, but instead, you get to hit a ball a distance of about 6ft with nothing between you and the hole.  

And you know what, on a sunny day it is ALWAYS busy.  Families of 4 and 5 all squished on 6 f by 2ft waiting for the next family of 4 or 5 to move on.  


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