It's not getting easier, it's not getting easier

Today I walked in the rain. I've got into the habit now - walk before work see some sunlight...  

Today I felt that I would push it a little farther. 

So I walked nearly twice as far as normal...

So on the way back, by the time almost home - I thought, If I climbed the railway bridge, it would cut out about 1000 yards. 

My knee was killing me so I stopped at the top and took a photo of the train.  The people had already alighted and departed.   And then I started down.  

My knee locked, and so I had to do a sideways shuffle.  One foot down, lower the other one on to the same step; hanging on to the handrail.   I was half way down (and this had taken about 2 minutes), and I looked up and thought... why is the train still sitting there? 

I started down the last flight, and then I heard some one shouting. 

I looked round, it was the train driver, "Are you coming for this train love? "
"erm, No, Sorry, just trying to get down the stairs"

"No Problem, just checking". 

What a petal. 

Worried about me enough to hang on and see if I wanted on. 

But, Holy crap - he would have known if I was going for the train... I would have been ninja rolling down those steps, to hell with the sore knee. 

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