A Bird in the Hand ......

A fabulous day at Martin Mere.

There is no better sound at this time of year than the joint cacophony of Whooper Swans and Pink Footed Geese. There are 800 of the former and 8000 of the latter at Martin Mere at the moment. At time’s the skies were crowded with skeins of geese and incoming winter swans, all very noisy.


Two extras - swans in flight, and pink foots tumbling down to rest in a field. Plenty of lapwings in a flap as well.

There was a bird ringing demonstration going on too. The main blip shows a goldfinch, just ringed. I have learnt that you can tell males and females apart. It’s all about black nasal hairs and whether the red extends behind the eye ( If it does, “it” is a he).

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