Sunday Flowers

J had his final basketball competition for the year today and I had to be there to cheer him on. He did really well and their team won three games out of three!!

After it was all over I stopped off at Kings Park on the way home for a quick browse and caught these beautiful paper daisies. They seemed to have many more petals than the usual springtime ones and worthy of a blip! :o)

In extra’s are some lovely purple daisies that seemed to glow! I’ve had to trawl through my extra’s to clear some out and make way for the new! :o)
Of course there were many more photos taken but not enough extras available to show you a peep.

The weather was much kinder today and will be for the whole of next week!! I’ll be ringing our car repairer first thing in the morning about the aircon, it will be on top of my list!!

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