Trying to Avoid

that 'Black Box'!

Thank you  so much for all the stars, hearts and comments on my 'swan in flight with added reflections' yesterday!  Its flying high on the second page of Popular :)

Church followed by a wander in the garden weed patch  with Charlie :)

After that, just chillin' on a Sunday and not doing much (I walked much further than usual yesterday - almost 5 miles!  As a result my 'bad' knee is very sore, so its been painkillers and RICE today...

See the extra - Charlie is once again next to me on the sofa - keeping her pink mouse well hidden under her paw :)

It will be another busy week at still seems strange that my colleague is not there anymore.

Caught up on The Apprentice and halfway through catching up on Endeavour, which I missed first time round and is currently on ITV3 on Sunday evenings, so I tend to watch on catchup :)

Happy Sunday folks :)

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