2555 Blips

My smart meter is so smart, it tells me not just the KwH of energy I have used, it also counts the number of blips I have completed.

This is my 2555th blip.  That is the equivalent of 7 (non leap-) years of daily blipping. Blip ignores leap years.  It also doesn't take account of the fact that it is a little over 7 years since my first blip, because it took me a few weeks to get into the habit of daily blipping (so a little less than 7 years of daily blipping).

Nevertheless, however you look at it, 2555 blips is a heck of a lot of blips.  It has been fun along the way.  Sometimes (more often than I would like) it has been a struggle.  But I am glad to have got this far, and I hope I can continue for quite a while longer.

Thanks for all your comments and stars (and even occasional hearts).  I do try and return the favour when I have the time but just blipping my own images sometimes takes all the time I have.

Long live Blipfoto!

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