By Veronica

You can't see me

I saw two more Monarch butterflies in the garden this afternoon! One of them might have been my blip but as I've blipped one before I found other things to photograph. I also saw a rather less spectacular little brown butterfly: ID anyone??

Then I went for a walk round the barrio and racked up quite a few takes for my #catsofAlmunecar series. Feral cat visits to our garden have fortunately been scarce on this visit (their feed site has been moved further away). But I counted 15 on the small bit of wasteland immediately above B and C's house, and a further half dozen in the car park. They included this kitten trying to remain incognito, plus my very handsome alternative blip. Yes, most of them are in good health (someone is feeding them and they have places to shelter), but I think some population control would be in order.  Anyway, I have started an alleycat album which includes cats in a flowerpot.

It's a chilly (by our standards), windy evening, so Mystère and I are settled in for an evening by the fire while S ventures out to play table tennis.

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