Open for Trade

 Linton Food and Wine are open!

I popped in today to introduce myself to the lovely Monica and Adam and wish them luck.  They have a couple of young children (aged 2 & 4) and so I'm sure they will soon find friends around the village just as I did when I moved here with children of a similar age....20 odd years ago!

I wish them very well and it will be great having a  'Food and Wine' shop  just 4 doors away!

In other news, Ben has spent a very comfortable 4 days in a friends friends phat flat in central Hong Kong!  (The alliteration of which will forever make me smile: thank you Sarah),

He's now in South Korea for a bit of a look-see and is planning to fly home, having visited Bangkok and Laos mid-December.   He decided to take the opportunity to travel in the area as the situation is still volatile so no one knows if he will actually be able to go back in January.

Leeds university have sent him a list of alternative (backup) university options to go back to in January should he be unable to return to Hong Kong, and it would appear that he has to make a decision today.

We're not at all clear how this would work and impact on us (financially), but I am sure Ben will take this amazing opportunity and turn it into another  positive experience,.

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