By KatesGardenPDX

Shreveport Sunset

Another beautiful day here in Shreveport, Louisiana - a bit warmer than yesterday with crystal blue skies. My sister and I spent the day working on our Etsy store - we so rarely get to be together in person that it’s not only fun but very productive. We met for the first time a little over 20 years ago...I was adopted at birth and found my birth mother and two sisters. Amazing to live that adage of nature versus nurture. Suffice it to say we’re very much alike and have a grand time. The extra is of the two of us - I’m on the left. What do you think...is there a resemblance?

I leave tomorrow for my rainy Portland home - although it seems as if the weather will clear up for my arrival. The sun must follow my cheerful disposition :-) It’s been a lovely visit!

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