By KatesGardenPDX

Last Day in Louisiana

Truth be told I took this photo yesterday. I arrived at the Shreveport airport at 9:30 this morning and got home to Portland around 6:00 pm - 2 hour time change and a hefty layover in Dallas contributed to the long day. And it was dark out when I finally arrived home. None of these are particularly great reasons for relying on yesterday’s photo, other than I couldn’t find anything very interesting in my air travels today to shoot. Thanks to Alaska Airlines, I was upgraded to first class- always a total joy. But I was in the aisle seat so I watched movies and read rather than looking out the window for interesting land formations.

An overly long explanation for yesterday’s photo of the amazing Bald Cypress trees. Here you can see them growing in the bayou, with the lovely annual Bidens ferulifolia (known as “Biden’s”) in full bloom.

Tomorrow I’m back to photographing in the Pacific NW and we’ll see what there is to be seen in the morning!

Sleep well!

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