By RavensRoost

Water Cooler Talk


I meant to do my work today
Instead I spied a nest among the maple leaves
where birds were singing in the trees
and others splashing soft brown wings
in the birdbath by the old porch swing

I meant to do my chores today
But clear blue skies, a soft spring breeze
This cloudless day, and blooming trees...they filled me with distraction...

I had my rusty rake in hand, some ground to till
a hedge to trim, some weeds to pull....but clouds above the rolling hills
all led me to distraction....

A butterfly, all black and gold, flitted soon across the field
And once again, it took my eyes yet further still...

The garden hose, curled sleeping by, in noon day sun, awaiting me
instead I sigh, and
once again my wandering eye,
among tall grass, some bugs I spied,
I must explore the whole outdoors before this lovely day has died

I hesitate, ....my chores can wait,
it seems that fate says "Work can wait!!
Enjoy!! It says, this splendid day!!

These most worthy, so pleasing, never bothersome, soul satisflying, quite heavenly
distractions !!

~ Carrie Richards

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