By sebrose

Plastic jungle

The morning passes working in tonight’s slides. A walk back to St Pancras, via Rymans, finds me in the Eurostar lounge looking for a seat. Eventually I find one, and have a patchy conversation over the cell phone network.

Rolling into Gâre du Nord, I’m met by Bruno. We pass an hour in a cafe - and I learn some of his back story. It involves dyslexia, skateboarding, and wind surfing. Also, he believes posture and touch typing are essential to be a good programmer.

A taxi takes us slowly to the centre of Paris. We find the Comet meeting space. There will be burger and pizza, but for now the place is empty. It is quirky, built around the concept of the jungle, with plastic plants everywhere, including the lifts.

I’m on at 20:00. The room is busy - but not full. The talk is a rejuvenated version of one that I wrote three years ago. I get a good number of insightful questions, which makes me happy. Bruno ran a competition for the best tweet, so there are a healthy number of mentions to keep my employers happy :)

The RER whisks me to Gâre de Lyon. The Mercure is just outside. I’m totes and a bit hungry. The fatigue wins.

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