Soooo Cute!

I have never seen a wombat in the wild before so I was super excited to come across one soon after we landed on Maria Island.  But, like buses, two more appeared very quickly so within a short time I'd seen three!  By the end of the day I'd lost count as they were everywhere - as was their poo!  They are adorable but camera shy and avoid looking up - always intent on where the next blade of grass is coming from! One of those we saw later in the day was clearly carrying a baby in its pouch - I can't imagine how cute a wombat joey would be!!!

We walked a long way on the island with one destination being the Painted Rocks - not actually painted but look as if they are due to the natural colouring of water through various crevices (extra)

Lots of wonderful trees on Maria Island - I am especially interested in those that are dead as they are so white and stark with amazing shapes and contortions.

Now heading north up the east coast of Tassie for some more spectacular scenery and views

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