Too Many Blips....

A day where there are just too many Blips!

We were on a 3-hour boat cruise this morning, although the word 'cruise' suggested leisurely enjoyment!  It was a fantastic ride but not easy going, even though the sea was relatively calm.  We were taken down the south east coast to the most southerly tip of Tasman Island with lots of pauses for photographs and some high speed travelling in between. The swell on the most exposed part was a mere two metres!  The sea looked dominant and deep.

Later we went to an 'Unzoo' where the Tasmanian Devils - a rare breed at the best of times - are being protected from a rare form of infectious cancer which would decimate the population left unchecked.  The goal is to have a viable population of Devils to enable survival of the species.  At the same place we had fun feeding the kangaroos - extra.  

The journey back to our site (same as last night) meant a few stops along the way, including the same jetty we had left from this morning with the late sun shining on the bay.

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