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like a line from a poem

Good to hear Simon Armitage on radio this morning; launching the Laurel Prize - there's more background to the story here ...

... reminded me that - to my shame! - the only Simon Armitage collection I own, is his first book of poems: Zoom! (1989, as pictured); now 30-years old :-)

But here's a more up-to-date Armitage poem, which he has released to mark the launch of the Laurel Prize:

leaving the world to the world

so the peloton passed
like a line from a poem
across the eye,

millipede legs
scuttling for Holme Moss |
we trod in its slipstream,

authorised trespass,
the main road

to petrol and piston,
the tarmac kindly and warm
to our bare feet,

an asphalt fairway
vaulted by sycamore, rowan, beech,
woods to both sides

reinstated as woods |
when a thought approached
in the form of a child

tightrope-walking the white lines
between cats’ eyes | she said:
If I breathed the word

that disappeared all people
in the world,
leaving the world

to the world, would you
say it? Would you
sing it out loud?


Simon Armitage (1963 - )


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