Pictorial blethers

By blethers

Through golden woods ...

Remember I had a meeting to go to? I solved the problem by revamping the day for the second time this week, and ended up by having a rather lovely walk in the middle of the day when sensible people were eating their lunch. This meant a dog-free walk along a forestry road that has been much improved by the addition of some sandy soil over the lumpy rocks they put down for the lorries when they come to take timber out. The road was made even more picturesque by the addition of thousands of larch needles, though there are still enough left to make the tall trees delicate and golden. The road in question runs from Kilmun Arboretum along towards and above Loch Eck; we went as far as we could before starvation made walking back again seem challenging.

Back home, a house at the end of our road has been bought by developers who are currently removing the wood that has grown in its garden in the years it has lain empty. All very noisy and inconvenient right now, as the end of the lane is blocked by their lorry more often than not and I'm terrible at parking in our drive-in when I have to come from the opposite direction. 

I fear I have been weighed in the balance and found wanting ...

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