Capital adventures

By marchmont

Art Deco (ish)

And then she jumped from the top of the tower.

The End.

Previously for Marchmont:

I had a long lie, not a swim.  I needed that.  

My 'day off' turned into a day mainly of Choir and College admin and not much else.  Fiery chilli oatcakes kept me going.

Then to see the much anticipated Tosca with E.  Her plastered wrists make some things a bit tricky but not great music.  I'd seen this staging before, in HMT around 15 years ago, but it is still very apt, relocated to Fascist Rome.  And the (huge) orchestra was amazing, full of emotion.

Took E home to hear that her op is tomorrow.  I suppose better sooner than later. 

(When we bought our house in Inverurie it had lampshades similar to these in the Festival theatre, probably the 1935 originals.  Later, when we extended the house, iIthrew them out.  Some days i wish I'd kept them). 

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